Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Q&A || The Bohicas

Alright guys, how’s it going? What is a Bohica?
All good thanks. Bohica is an acronym that stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
Describe your debut album ‘The Making Of’ in 3 words.
The making of. 

You’re touring the UK in October, but which city are you 
most looking forward to playing?

Belfast. My parents are both from large families near Derry 
so I've got a fuck load of cousins I wanna hang out with. 
We've never played there either.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Banging tunes played well.

Which gig have you played that has been special to you?

Last year I really enjoyed playing LA Boule Noir in Paris. 
Mind you we did just play to 5000 people in Japan. We've been lucky. Haven't had a stinker in a while.

Are there any bands you’ve seen recently which have
blown you away?

Santigold in Belgium was incredible. I only knew a handful of
her tunes but her whole performance blew me away.

If you could perform one song for the rest of your life, 
what would it be?

4:33 by John Cage

What do you plan on doing after your UK tour in October?

No plans. We're just turning up to whatever's asked of us. 
Hopefully the album will still be engaging with people and we can carry on playing live. I'm always writing so I guess something fresh will rear it's head in the new year.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

Absolutely no idea. I'll be 29, so whatever that means.

What is the best thing about being The Bohicas?

Playing Swarm live and knowing you don't have to wake up at 6:30 to work for some arsehole.

The Bohicas start their UK tour in October, get your tickets HERE.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Following his sold out show at London's Electric Brixton where he headlined the Ram Jam series with legendary David Rodigan, Protoje is set to return to the UK in October with his Ancient Future tour. Renowned for his high energy live performances with his incredible live band The Indiggnation, they will perform across seven major cities. We had a chat with Protoje to find out more on his new album, UK tour and his top tracks to listen to on the road.

Firstly tell us about your journey into music as you come from a very musical family?
I started to write music because I wanted to express myself. Music was the way I could communicate to people. I used to see my parents on stage and I always wanted to be doing something like that eventually. I felt real comfortable up there.

Your collaboration with Chronixx on the track Who Knows, was a massive hit and one of the biggest reggae songs last year. How did the link-up come about?
When Chronixx was just starting out he reached out and we started to link. We always spoke about doing something together, but in the right timing. When we eventually came together to collaborate, the timing felt right and Who Knows was the song. We thought it could really make an impact for our generation of reggae and give thanks for the response it continues to receive.

What are your views on the cultural movement ‘Reggae Revival’?
I always wanted to be a part of something special with music, a part of a larger whole, and I feel like I'm in good company doing music. It inspires me to work harder and raise the level of music I’m putting out. I really feel good about the number of artists out there that inspire me making Jamaican music.

You’ve announced a UK tour for October 2015 where you will be performing across seven major cities. Are you looking forward to this?
Yes, the UK is always part of my focus. It's very important to me. It is a place I respect highly for music. For my music to resonate there would be great. When we tour in Europe, English is often the second language for many countries. It's interesting to see the difference in response when English is the first language.

Your shows are always full of high energy positive vibes, what can we expect from the tour?
Right now we have been on the road for two-months, so we are in a groove and the whole sound is in a really good place. It's a very authentic sound. We're bringing something fresh, armed with the Ancient Future and some big tunes.

How long have you been playing with your band The Indiggnation?
Five years.

Tell us about your new album Ancient Future, how does this differ from your last two releases?
I really wanted to just write what was on my mind, what I was feeling... More internal thoughts and see how that could inspire people. Sonically, I wanted it to feel like the 80's but still futuristic. This is the first time I've gotten that to really work - where every sound involved was made specifically for the album.

What will you be listening to on tour?
Check out my 'Tracks on Tour' playlist below or click HERE.

Have you got any messages for your fans?
I always want to thank my fans for the support they have been giving me and my music. I really appreciate it. I look forward to playing the music in front of them and hope to see them at an upcoming show!

Protoje brings his Ancient Future tour to the UK in October, tickets are on sale now and available HERE.

Thursday, 6 August 2015



Think of your favorite band. Think of your favorite album from that band. Is it by any chance their first one? Of course it is. That first album is your band in their purest form. From Oasis to The Clash, from Kasabian to the Stone Roses, their first albums are arguably the best ever. In their time, or now, they are touring the world playing to sold out stadiums every night, but imagine seeing them in their early days in an intimate venue with a small yet loyal crowd. The Neu Tour is promoting new artists which we believe will go on to bigger and better things. So go and see these 3 magnificent bands, because they will be playing some of their best songs they'll ever write in their rawest and purest form. 

The Big Moon

Living in the same area of London as 'Alvvays', it was always going to be hard for this fantastic 4 piece to avoid playing such great music. Their guitars are twangy, their riffs are catchy and the vocals are incredible. It's like someone has thrown Blondie, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon into a melting pot. Their debut single 'Sucker' was released in June on the new indie record label 'Hard Up'. What's most impressive about the record is they produced and mastered the whole thing, capturing every quirky sound and moment which makes the band what they are.


VANT could define the modern punk band. With topical lyrics and angry, fast rhythms, VANT will definitely provide a very interesting show for their followers. Their hard work is paying off, with play time on XFM and Radio 1, as well as support slots for Royal Blood and Hinds at the start of this year. Next year will be a very exciting year for them with the release of their debut album, hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from them. 


INHEAVEN have recently released their debut single 'Regeneration' which has been a big success on social media with music fanatics going mad over Twitter and SoundCloud. They have a sound of post-punk with a modern day twist and great stage presence. They play powerful songs and their energy and emotion is contagious with the audience. INHEAVEN are snowballing to success so this intimate gig may be the last chance to see them before everybody else.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


October will see the launch of the very first DIY Presents the Neu Tour, three of the UK’s most exciting new bands will take to the stage and will perform eleven dates across some of the UK’s major cities. We caught up with one of the headline bands VANT to get the latest.

How did you all meet and how was the band formed?
It originally started as a solo project and the band fell into place through friendship and coincidence. We all met through a music venue in East London called Birthdays where at certain points during the brief history of the band we have all worked.  

You guys are will be playing 11 dates across the UK alongside INHEAVEN and The Big Moon in October with the DIY Presents the Neu Tour. Are you excited about this?
We can't wait to get back out on the road again especially in the company of two great bands. It's really exciting to watch the numbers grow with each tour we do. 

How would you describe your sound?
Challenging, direct, loud but melodic pop music.

Tell us about your new track ‘The Answer’?
‘The Answer’ is a track I'm very proud of lyrically, I think it addresses a couple of very important issues and will hopefully make people ask a few more questions...
You’ve had an incredible start to the year and supported the likes of Royal Blood, Hinds and The Bohicas what’s it like being on stage performing live?
Playing live is definitely my favourite form of release. In my experience it beats every other form of escapism, narcotic or spiritual enlightenment, hands down. Well except, you know ... "love".

You’ve just played Calling Festival with Noel Gallagher and will be performing at Reading and Leeds Festival this year. What would be your ultimate festival to headline?
A personal goal of mine is to headline Glastonbury within three albums. More unrealistically Coachella, Burning Man & Primavera Sound would all be pretty damn awesome.

What tracks will you be listening to on tour? 
Find them below in a playlist the band made for us or click HERE. 

What’s next for VANT?
A lot of hard work. World peace.

Tickets for the DIY Presents The Neu Tour are on sale now and available HERE

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


October will see the launch of the very first DIY presents the Neu Tour. Three of the UK’s most exciting new bands will take to the stage and will perform eleven very special dates across some of the UK’s major cities. We caught up with one of the headline bands INHEAVEN to find out more.

Firstly what’s the story behind the band, how did you all get together?
We formed about a year ago, it was a natural progression from writing songs in a bedroom to meeting other likeminded people who could bring those ideas into reality.

Are you excited about being part of the DIY Presents the Neu Tour?
Very excited. We want to tour as much as humanly possible, so going away with 2 such great bands is a great start for us.

You guys will be playing 11 dates across the UK alongside VANT and The Big Moon. Is there a particular city that you’re looking forward to performing at?
We are looking forward to going back to Leeds. We played at The Brudenell back in May and it was one of our favourite live shows ever, so can’t wait to do that all over again. However all the venues and cities are great, and we are excited to play in places we’ve not yet had the chance to.

Describe INHEAVEN in 3 words?
Everything is fine.

Tell us about your new track ‘Regeneration’?
It was the first track that was written and it happened very quickly. It made sense for it to be the first song we put out. It kind of depicts how we were feeling at the time.

What can we expect from an INHEAVEN show?
Hopefully something loud and aggressive, but with moments of clarity and emotion….

You’ve received great support so far from the likes of XFM, Radio 1, Clash and Noisey. Is it mad hearing your songs on the radio?
Yes I don’t think that will ever get old. The support has been overwhelming and we want to show all those people that they were right to back us so early on. We have a lot to prove now.

What has been the best bit of advice that you have received so far?
I think just to keep focused on what your priorities are. All we’ve ever wanted is to make thought provoking music and being the best live band we can possibly be. There can be a lot of distractions and it’s easy to let those creep into your daily routine, however we try our best to stick to what we know, writing and recording. Basically just be a recluse.

What’s the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year?
Recording the album and playing as many shows as humanly possible.

What tracks will you be listening to on tour? 
Find them below in a playlist the band made for us or click HERE for our playlist.

INHEAVEN will be joining VANT and The Big Moon on the DIY Presents the Neu Tour this October. Grab your tickets HERE.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Top Tips For A Tip Top V Festival

This huge festival which is spread across two locations, Hylands Park (Chelmsford) and Weston Park (Staffordshire), is always one of the highlights of the Great British summer so we at Gigs and Tours want to make sure you festival goers get the most out of your V Festival experience by recommending a few acts from the HUGE line-up.

22nd August - Hylands Park
23rd August - Weston Park

DJ EZ promises to be a highlight of the weekend as he has built up quite the reputation over the festival scene in the last few years for his mad intros, crazy skills, rare edits and perfect mixing!

22nd August - Weston Park
23rd August - Hylands Park

Just as the V Festival line-up couldn't look any stronger,Old School Hip Hop group De La Soul have recently been added as well! De La Soul bring back the 90s with a modern twist and are prepared to take The Arena Stage by storm at both parks.

22nd August - Weston Park
23rd August - Hylands Park

This English drum and bass duo will bring some heavy energy V Festival this year with their stunning live show. Also, check out Ella Henderson who features in Sigma's track 'Glitterball'. She's also playing The Virgin Media Stage. 

22nd - Hylands Park
23rd August - Weston Park

Synthpop sensations Chvrches (pronounced Churches) are playing the MTV Stage this year, and will provide special vibes as the Scottish elctro-band love to experiment with their live performances. DO NOT MISS.

22nd August - Hylands Park
23rd August - Weston Park

Jess Glynne broke through after featuring on Clean Bandit's 'Rather Be', which picked up and Grammy and since then she has established herself as one of the best new solo artists in the game right now!

22nd August - Hylands Park
23rd August - Weston Park

Sam Smith has gone from strength to strength since appearing on V Festival's 'Futures Stage' in 2013! Most of his tracks have quickly become modern day classics and his live voice is impeccable.

August 22nd - Hylands Park
August 23rd - Weston Park

How could we miss off one of the festival headliners, and possibly the biggest band on the Earth right now, Kasabian. Lead singer, Tom Meighan, has the audience in his hands whilst guitarist Sergio Pizzorno not only performs, but works on stage to master the gigantic sound of Kasabian. 

22nd August - Weston Park
23rd August - Hylands Park

One of the most hardest working groups out there, the Charlatans are this year doing the festival rounds on the back of their 12th album release 'Modern Nature'. Their music has matured incredibly since their first release back in 1990, but their stage presence and energy still has that sparkle it did in the Madchester era. 

22nd August - Weston Park
23rd August - Hylands Park

Picked to headline the Dance Tent, and for all the right reasons. Heldens' mixes can lift the audience off the ground and make them dance all night and into the early hours of the morning. Enjoy his set because it will be one of the best DJ sets at the festival.

22nd August - Weston Park
23rd August - Hylands Park

If you're scouting for easy listening music, a good sing and smiles all round, then these guys are definitely worth your time. Scouting For Girls love V Festival and they want to see you as much as you want to see them. 

Saturday 22nd August - Weston Park
Sunday 23rd August - Hylands Park

The rockers from Wales come back to V Festival off the back of their new single 'C'est La Vie' which could be one of their best yet. The group always put on a great show in which Kelly Jones' growly vocals are always a highlight. 


Following the release of their new album Out Of The Wastland, Lifehouse are also set to tour the UK in October 2015. We had a chat with the American rock band to find out more.

You have just released your new album Out Of The Wasteland how does the album differ from your past records and has your song writing process changed over the years?
This record is a mix of the formulas we have used for our past records tied in with the formula that we currently use. We wanted to get back to our roots while staying in the present, appealing to our fan base while appealing to ourselves at the same time. Our songwriting process is always evolving and changing and growing. There have never been any rules, which keeps the creative process healthy.

You worked with James Newton Howard on your song ‘Hourglass’ how did the collaboration come together?
Our manager/producer Jude Cole had worked with James over the years and the song had been laying around unused for quite some time. Jason came in and finished the song. It was an exciting experience to work with such a legendary composer.

You’ve announced an additional date at London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on October 3rd after quickly selling out your first show. Are you looking forward to bringing the tour to the UK?
Absolutely. Our fans in the UK are so hospitable, and great singers. They sing with the best voices along with our songs. It must be from chanting at all of their football matches!

What can we expect from the show?
It will be mix of old and new songs, mostly songs that our fans came to see, but also a few deep cut songs that we want to play.

What has been one of the biggest highlights of your career so far?
Probably opening for the Rolling Stones! 

After the release of your last album Almeira, you decided to take a break as a band and explore individual projects. What was behind that decision? 
I think after 13 years of touring, we were all just a little bit burned out. It was necessary to recharge the batteries while exploring other avenues to individually grow.

What have been your biggest influence in music?
We pull influences from all over, whether it be art, films, books, music or life experiences. It's hard to pinpoint just one.

What is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year?
Playing overseas!! No joke.

What tracks will you be listening to on tour?
Here's their Tracks On Tour playlist below or click HERE

Have you got any messages for your fans?
We look forward to playing for you! It's because of you that we have been around this long. Let's keep this train going. 
Much love and see you soon. X

Lifehouse are touring the UK in October 2015 get your tickets HERE