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Although Tame Impala's upcoming shows in Manchester and London aren't until 2016, we couldn't help but give you a rundown of our favourite songs so far from these psychedelic rock Australians...

Tame Impala - 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards'
The instantly-hooky melody line, reverbed vocals and pneumonic synth sounds sends you straight into space. The simple bass line carries the song along, accompanying the smooth sounds of Kevin Parker's vocals. An instant classic and one that the fans constantly go crazy for.

Tame Impala - 'Elephant'
This song may be their most memorable, with good reason. The heavily gained guitar gives the audience a Flaming Lips vibe with inklings of The Beatles coming through. Interesting lyrics that make no sense but work so well, "And it's not like mister shook to get shy when they ask him who is on top
There must be something deep down in the dark down there
" for example.
 If you don't know much about Tame Impala, this is most likely a song you will have heard of as it's been used on various television shows such as funny-girl Lena Dunham's hit show, Girls, Bates Motel and the Entourage Movie.


Tame Impala - 'The Less I Know The Better'
One of the best songs from their newest album, Currents. This song live looks incredible! Similarities to blues rock band, The Black Keys here with the guitars but completely unique melodies and almost R'n'B sounding drum beats that mesh so well together. Rhyming lyrics about how the woman he loves goes off with someone else. A unique spin on a such a stereotypical song subject. Definitely a favourite.

Tame Impala - 'Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?'
This song is the 4th single off of Tame Impala's debut album, Innerspeaker. This song doesn't have many lyrics and consists mainly of instrumental music and atmospheric synths. An easy-listening song that still has that unique edge over most music we hear today.

Tame Impala - 'Let It Happen'
This is the first single off their third and newest album, Currents. It's an epic track that includes all of Tame Impala's usual groove, physcedelic sounds and reverbed vocals but this is more indie sounding, instead of produced gained guitars, it introduces a different sound for the band.

And just one more...

Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker - 'Daffodils'
Even though this song is not a 'Tame Impala' track, it does feature lead singer/producer/writer, Kevin Parker and this song is too good not to mention. Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Special' sure was a specticle of an album featuring hit songs such as, 'Feel Right' and of course, 'Uptown Funk' but this song is one of the shining moments of the album thanks to Parker's distinctive flare making this song a stand-out piece.

'Currents' is out now!
here for Tame Impala's official website

Tickets on sale here



In preparation for his upcoming set at Tobacco Dock, London on the 2nd January 2016 for Smile High Club, we have decided to give you our top 5 Fat Boy Slim songs. These songs are film soundtrack classics, wacky video wonderfulness and are some of the most memorable tracks ever.

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Right Here, Right Now'
From 'You've Come A Long Way, Baby'

No doubt you have heard this song before. This may be Fat Boy Slim's most recognisable song as it has been featured in numerous films such as, Driven (2001), The Virgin Suicides (1999) and Crank (2006) and even used as entry songs for Manchester City and Arsenal before their matches. This song has very few lyrics and focuses on the background music which is completely iconic to Fat Boy Slim's own genre of music.

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Praise You'
From 'You've Come A Long Way, Baby'

This song is a definite Fat Boy Slim favourite. This UK #1 track you'll recognise from films such as, Cruel Intentions (1999) and Love & Other Drugs (2010). The video for this song, which was improvised, won 3 huge awards at the 1999 MTV Video Music awards, Breakthrough video, Best Choreography and Best Direction causing this song to be named as one of Fat Boy Slim's best.

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Rockafeller Skank'From 'You've Come A Long Way, Baby'

This song is another famous film classic, featuring famously in American Pie (1999). This song has hardly any lyrics in it, similar to Right Here, Right Now. Whenever you hear this song you can't help but sing along and even after hearing it a hundreds of times, it still never stops you screaming the words. To most of you who think this song is called 'Funk Soul Brother', IT IS NOT but, it is a tune.

From 'Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars'

This song was released as a joint single with other song, 'Song For Shelter'. This song, as well as most Fat Boy Slim songs, isn't heavenly lyrical and has a continuous, addictive guitar riff throughout. It sounds like a movie soundtrack song which is why it suited the film, Charlie's Angels (2000), which it featured in. A classic Fat Boy Slim song.

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Weapon Of Choice'
From 'Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars'

Although this song is mainly known for it's music video (it won a Grammy award for Best Short Form Video in 2002 and multiple awards at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2001), it is still a well known song in itself. The catchy riffs throughout do overshadow the vocals (yes, there's actually vocals and lyrics in this one!), the song is still one of our favourites and an overall memorable track for Fat Boy Slim, especially as he got Christopher Walken to star in the video.

And here are some that just missed the top five...

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Gangster Trippin'

FAT BOY SLIM, Riva Starr & Beardyman (Calvin Harris Remix) - 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat'

FAT BOY SLIM - 'Song For Lindy'


Thursday, 22 October 2015

What Our Mercury Prize Shortlist Would Have Been...

Last week to the enjoyment/disgruntlement of many music fans, the 2015 Mercury Prize shortlist was released (see the full list here). This year seems to have stirred up more of a storm than usual with many 'sure things' missing and a few genres completely snubbed. Although the list is varied in terms of recording styles, it seems to avoid areas of the British music industry which are flourishing right now. For example who can doubt the importance of the Grime genre with people like Stormzy making the BBC Sound of 2015 poll and Skepta firmly on his way to breaking America. The list usually sees at least one urban act on the shortlist and in last year's case win it, but this year you could argue it is missing altogether. There is also no nod towards any jazz or folk albums although some might say there hasn't been any strong enough.

This year does however seem to have less of a mainstream feel to it, following on from last year's inclusion of just two number one albums. The inclusion of high-grossing albums is usually the main reason the list has been criticized in previous years. That being said, one of the biggest talking points is that the biggest albums of both Foals and Everything Everything' careers so far have been missed yet Florence + The Machine haven't. 

So after much deliberation, I decided to put together what my 12 would have been. Let us know your thoughts @GigsandTours.

1. Aphex Twin - Syro 

We had to wait 13 years since Richard James' last full-length release under Aphex Twin. So much has changed in the electronic landscape in that time and yet this album completely feels like it belongs in the current day without actually changing a vast amount of production style from his last album Drukqs. It's an album to really immerse yourself in and appreciate musically with each listen revealing something new. It's no surprise it won the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic album this year, surely a contender for the Mercury too. 

2. New Order - Music Complete

One of the most influential bands of all time returned with their 10th studio album and a new look line-up compared to their last full-length release. Tom Chapman has taken the mantel of matching Hooky's melodic and integral basslines and as expected there is a big use of the original keys sound from Gillian Gillbert. Although the album lacks dance floor classics, Plastic holds its own among the best New Order dance tracks. But the album as a whole is a great intelligent listen with some nice guest choices too (La Roux, Iggy Pop, Brandon Flowers). For me, this should be up there although not a winner. 

3. JME - Integrity 

Surely the strongest full-length Grime release of 2015 so far. This album, for me, represents where the genre is going (and how it's growing) and you'd have to look long and hard for a negative review. With Grime quickly becoming the biggest urban genre in the UK and finally making it's way onto foreign radios, it's a no brainer to have this album on this year's Mercury Prize list. 

4. Eska - Eska

One of the strongest female singers in the UK right now. Although predominately known for her singing, this debut album delivers a stunning composition of music across the board. There's electronic, folk, trip-hop, reggae, dub, acoustic and other influences and it screams Mercury Prize winner for me. Without being broken down it just feels like a complete piece of music but when broken musically it's so much more. If this year's winner isn't an electronic album then I would put my money on this.

5. Romare - Projections

Romare's debut album received widespread acclaim and support from the most 'muso' of DJ's (Gilles Peterson et al.) and released on one of the coolest labels around, Ninja Tune, which has seen two previous Mercury winners. The album picks up African-American music with jazz, garage, soul and churns it into a format for the modern dance scene. 

6. C Duncan - Architect 

Scottish Multi-instrumentalist C Duncan, known for his heavily featured music on TV, recorded each instrument individually from his bedroom studio in Glasgow. A painstaking process which creates an album that really holds it weight among the other nominees, even without heavy production. This record is raw and in it's rawness C Duncan's talent shines through. 

7. Little Simz - A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons 

Following her release of 4 mixtapes and 5 EPs, 21 year old London rapper Little Simz finally dropped her debut album on her own label AGE 101. Really well received it's certainly one of the strongest urban albums of 2015 and definitely stronger than many urban inclusions in the past. Her rapping abilities are clear but it's also the choice of instruments, interludes and themes which make this album stand out.

8. Jamie XX - In Colour 

After winning the Mercury Prize with The xx in 2010, Jamie has another really strong claim to doing it again. This debut album was seen by many as the soundtrack to their summer even with it's striking differences to the The xx. A clever record with a layout that has clearly been mulled over for some time. Favourite to win and although they never usually take the prize, this might be the year to buck the trend.  

9. Roisin Murphy - Hairless Toys

Former Moloko front-woman, prolific in the 00's both as a solo artist and in a group, it's taken eight years for this release. A crisp record which could only be described as 'dark disco', Roisin plays homage to the past while finishing this record with a superb modern gloss. 

10. LA Priest - Inji

Many won't be surprised that this record has been over-looked but you only need to speak to music fans and look at it's reviews to see it's one of the strongest albums of the year. The former Late of the Pier front-man delivers an exquisite electro-pop debut which should have been rewarded for it's excellence. 

11. Laura Marling - Short Movie 

One of the most heavily nominated artists having made the list for three of her five albums (without a win), Laura should have once again made the list. Not just because folk as a genre is missing this year but because it's arguably her best yet. Laura really pushes the 'nu-folk' movement and brings a more electronic sound than her previous albums. It's an evolution of an artist who's sound leans towards an artist much older than her mere 25 years.

12. Everything Everything - Get To Heaven 

Their snub is probably the biggest upset (and surprise) of this year's awards. 'Get To Heaven' is an album that has everything from pop friendly tracks to modern electronica. It spans multiple genres and styles and really defines them as a hero of the scene. This album is one of the most interesting of 2015 and should have made the list.

A few others that nearly made the cut: Hot Chip, Mark Ronson (yes he's half British), Four Tet, SBTRKT, Georgia, Outfit, Ghostpoet (in the official list) and The Maccabees. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Hot off the press & currently trending all over Twitter, the 2015 MOBO awards nominations have been announced. 

Established in 1996, the MOBO's play a hugely important role in celebrating black music & this year's list of nominees is exploding with incredible talent! 

Take a look at our top picks below & click the links to find their gigs coming up soon...

A$AP Rocky – Best International Album

Andreya Triana - Best R&B/Soul Act

 Bugzy Malone – Best Newcomer & Best Grime Act


Fuse ODG – Best African Act

Protoje – Best Reggae Act

Shakka - Best R&B/Soul Act

Sinead Harnett – Best Newcomer

The Internet – Best International Album

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Q&A || Baby Strange

Since emerging with the brilliantly dark ‘Pure Evil in 2013’, Baby Strange have toured with the likes of Palma Violets, Swim Deep and Slaves, as well as playing festival shows at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow and Reading & Leeds Festival. The band are set to embark on a nine-date UK tour next month, which will see them play a headline date at Manchester’s Night & Day on 7th October.

How did the band get together and why the name Baby Strange?
We got together because we were bored of the music that was surrounding us at the time, we needed something to feel excited by and starting this band did exactly that. We went for the name because we like how the two words sounded together. Simple as that.

You’ve been busy playing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow and Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. What have been your highlights?
Playing Reading & Leeds last year really sticks in my mind when I think about festivals. Especially Leeds, it was amazing to see the tent that full.

You’re going on a huge UK headline tour in October are you guys excited for this?
We can't wait, we really enjoy touring.

You will be playing at Manchester Night & Day on Wednesday 7th October, do you enjoy playing in the city?
One of my favourites, great for buying clothes and the crowd always seem up for it.

What did you take from touring with bands such as Palma Violets and Swim Deep?
That being good to your support band and your fans is important. No egos, none of that bullshit.

You will be playing with Slaves at O2 Academy Brixton on 17th December, this is going to be huge! How did this come about?
We toured with them a few months ago which was a lot of fun but this show will be something else. It's a venue we've always wanted to play and it's the prefect band to do it with.

What new music should we be looking out for?
Catholic Action, The New Fabian Society, The Lapelles, Laura St Jude and a new band I've just discovered from Birmingham called Frank.

You’re in a really exciting place at the moment, what’s in store for 2016?
Our debut album. We can't wait to get moving with it.

Have you got any messages for your fans?
Keep supporting new bands by going to their gigs and buying their records.

Listen to Baby Strange's Tracks on Tour Spotify Playlist below or follow it HERE.

Tickets for the Manchester date are on sale now and available at

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Ahead of Sinead Harnett's performance at London's  XOYO on 14th October, we're giving you the rundown of our favorite tracks so far...

Disclosure - Boiling (Featuring Sinead Harnett)
One of the standout tracks on Disclosure's debut album 'Settle'. Harnett's smooth & soulful vocals lend to the song perfectly.

Rudimental - Baby (Featuring Sinead Harnett & MNEK)
Sinead & MNEK's voices compliment eachother beautifully & the song is sure to get your foot tapping.

Sinead Harnett- She Ain't Me
Harnetts feistiest track yet, pulling in elements of electronic soul & 90s R&B with a UK twist for a forthright, defiant statement to an ex who made the wrong choice! 

Sinead Harnett - Do It Anyway
If you're looking for self-assurance, motivation with a side of sass, this song will do the trick 100%.

'Do It Anyway' is out to buy now! 

Tickets for the XOYO show here:
Buy them for just £7.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Jamie Woon has shared details of his second album, 'Making Time', to be released on PMR Records on 6th November.

Since the 2011 release of his debut, 'Mirrorwriting', Jamie Woon has been highly regarded as one of the UK's most talented singer/song-writers.
This was reinforced with his guest appearance on Disclosure's debut Settle in 2013. Woon's vocals are the perfect compliment to his fellow label-mates smooth & synth-drenched sounds on the track 'January'. 

Along with this news, Jamie also shared a preview of things to come with a flawless performance of 'Messages', live at Konk Studios. 

As well as 'Messages', Jamie has shared two tracks featuring on the album, 'Sharpness' and 'Thunder'. 
You can listen & purchase 'Sharpness' (released in August) now & 'Thunder' was premiered on BBC Radio 6 in the first 5 minutes of Gilles Peterson's show on Saturday 19th September. 

Jamie Woon's second album, 'Making Time' will be released on November 6th November on PMR Records & is available to pre-order here.

Catch Jamie Woon perform at London Scala on November 11th.