He's Got The Whole World In His Hands...and a comb!

Here's some photos from HURTS in Manchester from a church in Salford ....

Hymms anyone?

Heres's what Times Online had to say about them....

Watch out for: Hurts
The immaculately coutured Mancunian duo Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have cheekbones on which you could rest Sartre’s Nausea — a book with which, to judge by their lyrics, one suspects they are both intimate. Early Talk Talk is almost certainly a key influence, possibly late Roxy Music, too — all alchemised into the yearning, pop noir of the debut single Wonderful Life and Silver Lining.

Read the full artcile here - TIMES ONLINE 2010 A YEAR AHEAD IN POP

Theo and his comb

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