She Bangs The Drums...

Today I have a bad head, I can hear lots of drums! No hangover, it is in fact DETOXING! I know this is 2 months late and so to keep me sane bands! give me some good bands!

Bad Lieutenant play LONDON TOWN on Thursday 18th March @ Electric Ballroom. I saw them at MANCHESTER RITZ . I love New Order and Electronic for that fact. Playing lots of classic tracks Bernard and co also play the new material. Which is top by the way. It will make you want to dance! There’s still some tickets left so if you want to check them out yourself you can.

I’m also going take a trip down to see Chapel Club At Wolves Slade Room as I hear they area 'smoldering noir-rock quintet' and I just have to see what on earth that is! Check out what NME Radar had to say HERE

Finally be sure to get you tickets for THE DRUMS on Friday when they go on sale. A favourite of mine and a chance to see them play a headline date in a great venue before festival season commences and catapults them to bigger stages. Summertime! ahhhh.

I love The Drums. I hate Green Tea.

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