Rufus… Rufus… Rufus performs New Album… New Album… New Album!!

As the sensitive and unstoppable fairy godmother of songwriting graces our shores with an album of spellbinding intimacy, Rufus Wainwright's 2010 UK tour will undoubtedly prove both an extremely emotional and unsparingly reflective experience, celebrating not merely a brand new album, but a life, newly lost, that was dear to him. Kate McGarrigle's spiritual beauty mark is certain to be reflected in a bold and brilliant performance, rawly exhilirating and deeply enough felt to take on any low spirit or empty heart.

Prepare to be invigorated by a slap round the face honesty that is sure to fill your soul with every colour of the emotional rainbow as he dazzles us with another up close and personal musical exploration of the thoughts and feelings running through his sharp, eccentric but childlike brain. This unshakeable star is something to catch right now, so get your golden ticket and get ready to sparkle…

I will be going to MANCHESTER (click here for tickets) and LONDON shows, so plenty more updates to follow … literally CANNOT wait!!


All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu
Album release - 5 April 2010