Back To The Future...

Spring is here and new fashion trends are making their way onto the streets, and even into our office, some bizarre throw backs from the 80s & 90s…. Bumbags anyone?!

One trend that is catching on for the men especially appears to be Double Denim.

Whether you are inspired by the SHAKIN STEVENS look or are you more of a BACK TO THE 80S / FUTURE man like MARTY MCFLY.

Those fashion forward people at My Wardrobe - and you got to check out what they said, officially named MARTI as a STYLE HERO this week. Everyone is at it...

Now there’s some good pieces for this look available in H&M, All Saints and of course My Wardrobe. Team a lighter shirt with darker jeans ideally (more slimming) as you are better to contrast the colour , and definitely no cowboys boots (sorry boys!)

Now I think the DOVES are more BARBOUR men but with thier with the glorious upbeat anthems they make it feel like summer so get yourself down to see them. The band are touring in MAY with their BEST OF out now. This always gets you in the mood for the summer and festivals season ahead. Here’s a performance they did for the GUARDIAN BLOG of ANDALUCIA.

Currently riding high in the midweek charts as the week's highest new entry,

Doves' Best Of 'The Places Between' is out now!

Cherry-picking the best from the band's four albums, this multi-format Best Of is the first time all the band's classic tracks have been distilled onto one album. Available in shops and to download NOW....For more info and places to buy.

Got to get out of this BLACK AND WHITE TOWN…. Get some double denim on then boys! Doves Tour in May with support from CHERRYGHOST. Tickets availble HERE!

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