Compared vocally to the likes of STING (NME), Mr Hudson's white soul offerings have continued to win over the nation with his catchy lyrics, unique voice and of course, his connections with his best mate 'Kanye West', so in my books he is already a winner!

Seeing him perform live at Matter @ The O2; a big venue packed to the brim with screaming fans, the atmosphere couldn't have been better. Bouncing on to the stage, declaring love and thanks to ME for being so supportive, OK so maybe he was thanking the 'fans' but a girl can dream can't she?! I've never seen a guy flirt with that many girls using only his eyes?! Fighting the temptations to be drawn in to his charm, wit, good looks....OK, maybe I succumbed a tiny bit...he continued to impress me with his performance alone. Owning the stage, messing around with the DJ and having had some good banter with the crowd, he positively surprised me with his vibrant, energetic and fun performance, whipping out some
very impressive vocals.

Belting out tracks from his latest album 'Straight No Chaser', including 'White Lies' and my personal favourite 'Learning to Live' (which will no be in my head for the rest of the day), he said his thank yous leaving the crowd to erupt (literally) with chants and screams for 'Supernova'. As my ear rung (having had a group of 18 year old girls screaming down it at an octave even a dog could hear), he came back to an understandably frenzied crowd that went utterly mental, singing every word to every lyric, he needn't have bothered to sing, but with a voice like that - i'm so glad he did!

Left pleasantly surprised, extremely impressed and maybe a lil' bit in love, he certainly won a fan in me! One to see again? I'd say so...roll on May!

Lady Gigger X