Scouting for Girls: Scout for Me!

Thinking back to 2008: when Beyonce made Billboard history with two singles in the top 4 spots (musicloversgroup), Alexandra Burke became a household name and Florence and the Machine was merely a little fish in an Ocean of new artists, Scouting for Girls claimed the best selling UK band of 2008.

Playing to thousands of screaming fans all over the UK (including me), their screaming teenage fan base were in their element as frontman Roy Stride ran around the stage as the trio came together and performed a mighty energetic (to say the least...I should have worn my gym gear!), cheeky and quality performance.

Whipping out their bouncy feel good tunes, the crowd were singing along to their catchy pop tunes such as 'She's So Lovely', 'Elvis Ain't Dead' and 'It's Not About You' (that would be me again - I think I burst the ear drum of the Dad infront of me?!). Frontman Stride looked a picture of happiness as he asked the audience to plant a big smacker on the person next to us (thank goodness my neighbour was my friend!). Leaving the venue with a sore throat, still singing the songs, red hot from dancing like a hyper active child and with a big grin on your face, you know it's been a good show!

2 years on and the West London lads have achieved their first ever #1! Knocking Lady Gaga off the top of the charts this Easter with 'This Ain't A Love Song', they are back with an exciting new tour for 2010, a new album 'Everybody Wants to be On TV', and as their debut self-titled album re-entered the charts at number 35 a fortnight ago (, the forthcoming tour is looking to be even better than the last!

See you fellow SFG lovers there...

Lady Gigger X

PS I apologise now if it is your ear i'm singing down...I have been compared to a drowing cat in my time!

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