Lets Have Some Fun.

As I was casually checking my Facebook earlier today, I was fairly taken aback to be faced with an ad promoting 'things to do in Manchester before you die'. Nice. Just the thing you need to see on a Friday afternoon.  So anyway it all revolved around fun and fun is what I like so I can almost forgive them for their depressingly ironic advert.

So I went back to my office duties and by coincidence came across some more fun. 
And by 'fun' I don't just mean "something that provides mirth or amusement" (to use the dictionary definition) - although I do love a bit of mirth on a Friday.  I mean the New York trio who in their words provide "contemporary rethinking of classic 70s pop, where ornate arrangements and inspired orchestrations meet present-day rock ā€˜nā€™ roll".  Sounds impressive to me. Check them out if you fancy a butchers:


If you fancy some real life fun. you can see them live in London later this month.

This weekend, fun means The Charlatans, wine, friends, chocolate and a lie in on Sunday. Simple pleasures...

...so getting back to the original issue, things to do in Manchester before you die?? Answers on a postcard....

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