B.o.B.ing along singing a song....

If you Google B.o.B. you won't get much closer to finding out about the U.S. hip hop star, Bobby Ray Simmons - which is what I attempted to do last week when I heard he was playing London later this month.  So for clarity's sake, he is neither related to nor anything to do with Bob The Builder, Microsoft Bob or Sir Bob Geldof, just in case you were thinking of checking out the top ten results.  His MySpace page is pretty impressive though but other than that, the Google results are pretty bobbins (excuse the pun).

So when I heard today that he had made it to number one spot in the mid-week charts I thought I should share the news while he's still a relative unknown amongst the search engines.

As a significant force in the U.S. on the southern hip hop scene, B.o.B.'s big break came in 2008 with 'Haterz Everywhere'. Currently on tour with Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B. will be heading to the UK this month to take on the best of British. See what you think:

So what does B.o.B mean? Well his name is Bobby so that makes sense but according to good old Wikipedia, it could mean any one of the following:

1. B.O.B. (Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate), gelatinous creature in Monsters vs Aliens
2. B.O.B. (Big-O-Blaster), a machine in the video game Banjo-Tooie
3. B.O.B. (song) a song by Outkast 
4. B.O.B. is a video game that was released in 1993
5. B.o.B, stage name of Atlanta rapper Bobby Ray

As 'Big-O-Blaster' doesn't sound particularly hip hop, it's unlikely that anyone will get his identity confused.  I'd also like to bet it won't be long before the internet is swamped with Bobby Ray Simmons. So take advantage of the situation while you can and go check him out if you're in London next week.


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