FOALS....Serious Music, No Horsing Around

So I'm really super glad to hear that on the back of their recent tour success, the brilliant Oxford five-piece Foals will return to play even more gigs later this year in order to satisfy their ever-expanding band of followers.  With their second album also out now it seems as though the lads have come a long way since they first galloped onto MySpace all those years ago.

Initially wary and pretty ignorant of the band until only last year, I've got to admit that I was totally surprised after a recent show at the Manchester Ritz.  Playing live to a (very bouncy) crowd of predominantly student fans they managed to maintain momentum by playing both solid favourites from their previous album and a hot selection from their new album Total Life Forever. And they were really excellent live.

As one of only a token handful of fans over the age of 25 in the room, I suspect that the demographic will even out a bit more on the back of the wave of impressive album reviews so far. With many reviewers agreeing that they have produced a more intense and grown up sound Foals look set to have a great 2010.

So go and have a little listen of the new album and see what you think - I particularly like Spanish Sahara, championed by the mighty Zane Lowe himself.

If you fancy something a bit more up-to-date check out the new single 'This Orient' on our little widget! hims

And while we're on a horsey subject, Band of Horses released their new album 'Infinite Arms' the other day (you can watch a nice little behind the scenes teaser of the making of Infinite Arms on Amazon too!).

And finally....Where do you take a sick Horse?.....To the Horspital!

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