Pack Away The Tents And Bin Those Vuvuzelas!

It's the Monday after the night before and the country has woken feeling a little flat today.  It's back to earth with a thump and the expectant sense of 'What Next?'  England is well and truly out of the footy and Glastonbury is over for another year.  After an epic weekend when millions of us were drunk on a wave of excitement and camaraderie, there follows an almighty melancholy hangover today.  So instead of dwelling on the bad, let's look at the good....

This weekend provided festival goers with five of the hottest days in Glasto history as well as some absolutely cracking performances. Some of the most notable highlights included Stevie Wonder, Scissor Sisters, Florence & The Machine, Muse (amazingly joined by The Edge), Mumford & Sons and Paloma Faith.  Check out Muse's performance here, thankfully brought to us by the BBC for all those of us who were left behind! Even better news is that you can see most of these epic bands live this year.  So what if you're not sat in a field? At least you won't get ants in your pants.

The hot weather brought out all the usual questionable fashion choices too which never fails to entertain. What is the obsession with leotards all of a sudden ladies?
I for one will be steering well clear of leotards this summer...bad memories of school gymnastics 'performances' and scary gym teachers *shudder*.

And the sunshine, surely something to cheer the majority of us up, especially anywhere selling BBQ's and beer.  The SUMMER is well and truly here so slap on your factor 20 and go and buy an ice cream.  Having just discovered Frederick's Kurly Wurly and Blueberry Pie flavoured ice creams I am anticipating some heavy gym sessions come September. 

So cheer up, get back on your feet and look forward.  We might be rubbish at football but we're absolutely brilliant at music.

And lets not forget we still have a shot at Wimbledon with a superb result this weekend..... Come on Andy! 

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