Walkaway, walkaway...and come back!!

Some of the most exciting news we've heard this year is that Cast have decide to get back together - woohoo!  We love a bit of good news especially when most of the country is fraught with nerves/disappointment/fear caused by the current state of recent World Cup efforts.

So the scouse lads have decided to reform after almost a decade apart and fifteen years (yes fifteen!) since their debut LP 'All Change' was released.  In fact the decision to get back together celebrates the anniversary of 'All Change' which went on to be the fastest selling debut record for the label.

Their first tour in almost a decade will see the lads visit their hometown of Liverpool as well as Manchester and London in Nov/Dec this year. But, if you can't wait until then, here's some treats to whet your appetite...

Ooooooo can hardly wait! Count me in!!

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