Sheffield metalcore band, Bring me the Horizon, have been one of my favorite bands since first listening to them three years ago. Whilst a lot of the songs have quite comical lyrics, many of the songs, especially on the album Suicide Season, talk about darker issues, including one of the band's friends committng suicide. Even though I have only seen them live once (I am watching them again at Manchester Academy on September 27th) they are one of the best bands I have ever seen, and the way they get the crowd involved with the show is amazing, with them pretty much demanding pits from start to finish. The best part of the show had to be when they closed with football season is over, and they had the crowd in a massive pit singing the famous lines 'party till you pass out, drink till you're dead, dance all night till you can't feel your legs'. The atmosphere throughout the whole show was just indescribable, it felt like you were in another world. With a new album due out in August, the upcoming tour is set to be awesome.

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