"Music Is What Life Sounds Like"

Since the start of the year we have built up an impressive following of fans on both our Facebook and Twitter pages and had some brilliant contributions from all our fans and followers.  We also have an incredibly eclectic following, with so many different tastes in music and opinions of what good music is. And some really dedicated music fans too.  So thank you to everyone who contributes.

In the past week we have posted a huge range of gigs and got some of the best responses from Vienna Teng & Alex Wong, Paramore, Goldfrapp, Robert Plant and Clubland Live 4  (No, not appearing all together unfortunately/fortunately). The mixture of musical tastes is astonishing and the huge variety of fans is absolutely brilliant.
The world would be a very dull place if everybody liked the same thing.  Music also eases/enhances/contributes to many different human emotions that cannot be fulfilled by one genre alone.  I, for example like a good hearty mixture of indie, happy hardcore, drum n bass, pop, rock, ye olde crooners and any 'experimental' mixture of any of the above. .  To refer to a famous quote by Eric Olsen 'Music Is What Life Sounds Like', and I couldn't agree more.

Last week we were talking about out musical 'guilty' pleasures.  The response was pretty impressive both on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, although I suspect only a small percentage of people would actually admit to liking something a bit different or something 'unacceptable' for their musical genre safe-haven.  But, as a handful of people pointed out, why should you feel guilty about listening to something you like, with one brave soul even adding "never be ashamed of any music even barry manillow!!" Quite right.

And on that note, i'll leave you with this treat which i'm getting far too much guilty pleasure from....

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