Take That And Party!!

To say i'm excited about the Take That Progress Tour is the understatement of the year.  After missing out on tickets for The Circus tour and never being allowed/old enough to see them back in the day, it seems my wish finally came true - albeit 17 years later.  It only seems two minutes ago that me and my friend Banny were discussing our unconditional love for the boys whilst on lunch duty at primary school, and having heated debates (well as heated as you can be at 10 years old) about who was fitter - Robbie or Mark.

And I never really recovered after Robbie left, him being my favourite and all.  Don't get me wrong, I love Take That as a four piece but it was never quite the same. News that Robbie is joining them on tour is amazing - and now I can go and see them without anyone telling me i'm not old enough or without the embarrassment of having to go and see them with my dad!

Tickets are on sale now, with even more dates added to cope with demand. See you there!

Could it be Magic?  Yes it most certainly could.

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