Joe Brooks - Fan Review

Today's blog post comes courtesy of Eleanor Osada, Joe Brooks fan and potential blogger extraordinaire.

In case you're not familiar with Joe Brooks, I'll set the scene with a few choice facts about his career so far;
Joe kicks of his UK tour later this month so if you're looking for a musical treat of an evening go and check him out when he's in the 'hood.  And now, after that great factual fanfare, I hand you over to Eleanor......

I was looking for something new to listen to, when I saw a friend post a link on another friend's Facebook wall. It was a song - Joe Brooks' "Superman" to be precise. I clicked on it to listen, just out of curiosity and within the first 30 seconds, I fell in love with his music. I immediately opened iTunes and looked to see if he had an album; and there it was - "Constellation Me". Without hesitation, I bought it straight away.

Joe makes a great addition to the pop-scene - there are too many rap artists that rap about sex and drugs, but Joe sings about true love, belief and... Life! I listen to his album EVERYWHERE. School, walks in the park - even just as I'm about to go to sleep. The first track "World At Our Feet" is a delightfully optimistic. This track is about how it's best to do as much as you can and live your life to the full - as the title suggests, the world is at your feet and it's awaiting you to take up the opportunities.

"Lead the Crowd" is a personal favourite of mine. It's about doing your own thing and being yourself, and not being 'a clone' - just being original. It's very positive. "Hello Mr. Sun" is another favourite of mine. It's mainly acoustic, and it's very hopeful. Again, like a lot of his songs it refers to the weather - and how the sunshine tends to cheer everything up and put people in a good mood.

"Rules of Attraction" is a slightly different song. A mix of folk, country, and a slight sprinkle of rock. I think it's about how he gets really attracted to girls easily, and he may have a little flirt with them - but the girls think it's real love, and Joe is trying to say it's just the fact they're pretty - no real love involved, and he doesn't want to break their hearts.

Overall, this album is a beautiful variety of gorgeous, meaningful songs that are optimistic and relatable. I rate this album 5 stars - I thoroughly recommend it!

Big thanks to Eleanor, our competition winner who has also won tickets to see Joe live in Newcastle. Enjoy the gig Eleanor!

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