Ben Folds? 'Ive never been to another show with such amazing atmosphere'

This blog post comes courtesy of Matt Maltby, lifelong Ben Folds fan and today's guest blogger;

Ben Folds has provided me with a soundtrack for my life, from the early days of Ben Folds Five when he released songs like “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces” and “Song For The Dumped” to ease the journey through school, providing determination to prove people wrong and ease the teenage heartbreak. To the more recent Ben Folds classic “Luckiest” which really sums up the ups and downs of life, and particularly the feeling of being “the luckiest” since recently marrying my wife.

I have seen Ben Folds a few of times and I’m blown away each time, not only by Ben Fold’s unrivalled piano skills and fantastic lyrics, but also the uniqueness of his show and audience participation. I  vividly remember the first time I saw him, and in particular the part of the performance where Ben split the audience into ‘Saxophones’ and ‘Trumpets’ to be part of his song “Army”, where at the appropriate time the whole audience was making the most fantastic music with their voices – I’ve never been to another show with such an amazing atmosphere.

Ben Folds heads off on UK tour at the end of this month in support of latest album, Lonely Avenue; his collaboration with bestselling novelist Nick Hornby

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