Primal Scream: Screamadelica Tour

The alternative rock gods Primal Scream are once again set to blow everyone away when they embark on their Screamadelica UK tour later this month. The band are recreating the past by taking their fans on a nostalgic trip with music from their early 90's album being the focus of the tour. It has receieved critical acclaim for being one of the best albums of the decade, going on to win the first ever Mercury Music Prize in 1992, as well as numerous nods of appreciation from media sources over the following years.

'Screamadelica' is one of this era's most beautiful, far-reaching pieces of musical adventure...pretty much a perfect album' NME 1991

The classic album 'Screamadelica' was renowned for being innovative and pioneering with its mix of acid house, indie, gospel and soul sounds. It is perhaps appropriate then, that the band have chosen to relaunch it in the current melting pot of musical genres that fill the charts today. The 'masterpiece' of an album is set to catapult the band back into everyone's heart when they fill out venue's across the country to their adoring fans.

The album was produced by the famed dj Andy Weatherall, and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release, he is set to support the band on their entire Screamadelica tour. He is the man responsible for giving it the house music spin, and thus, cementing Primal Scream into the 90's rave scene. Anyone who has been lucky enough to see both artists play will know that together, this will be a show to remember.

And in an exclusive for the Brixton O2  Academy gig on Saturday 26th MarchPrimal Scream will also be joined by the Orb Soundsystem and dub music specialist  Adrian Sherwood in Dub "EchoDek session" to provide you with a spectacle of sound sure to make the evening even more special.

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The 20th Anniversary Edition of Screamadelica is released on 7th March in two exciting new formats: Deluxe Remastered CD and a bonus packed Collector's Edition boxset. Click Here or visit for more information.

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