Think of your favorite band. Think of your favorite album from that band. Is it by any chance their first one? Of course it is. That first album is your band in their purest form. From Oasis to The Clash, from Kasabian to the Stone Roses, their first albums are arguably the best ever. In their time, or now, they are touring the world playing to sold out stadiums every night, but imagine seeing them in their early days in an intimate venue with a small yet loyal crowd. The Neu Tour is promoting new artists which we believe will go on to bigger and better things. So go and see these 3 magnificent bands, because they will be playing some of their best songs they'll ever write in their rawest and purest form. 

The Big Moon

Living in the same area of London as 'Alvvays', it was always going to be hard for this fantastic 4 piece to avoid playing such great music. Their guitars are twangy, their riffs are catchy and the vocals are incredible. It's like someone has thrown Blondie, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon into a melting pot. Their debut single 'Sucker' was released in June on the new indie record label 'Hard Up'. What's most impressive about the record is they produced and mastered the whole thing, capturing every quirky sound and moment which makes the band what they are.


VANT could define the modern punk band. With topical lyrics and angry, fast rhythms, VANT will definitely provide a very interesting show for their followers. Their hard work is paying off, with play time on XFM and Radio 1, as well as support slots for Royal Blood and Hinds at the start of this year. Next year will be a very exciting year for them with the release of their debut album, hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from them. 


INHEAVEN have recently released their debut single 'Regeneration' which has been a big success on social media with music fanatics going mad over Twitter and SoundCloud. They have a sound of post-punk with a modern day twist and great stage presence. They play powerful songs and their energy and emotion is contagious with the audience. INHEAVEN are snowballing to success so this intimate gig may be the last chance to see them before everybody else.