Rich Kids Q&A

Ahead of their UK joint headline tour with The Professionals, we chatted with Glen Matlock of reformed new-wave outfit Rich Kids. Here's what happened!

How’s it going? Have you been up to anything interesting recently?
Loads but that's for me to know and you find out but basically, playing all over the world this year already - the States, Australia, Europe, so looking forward to doing a show on our home turf.

You were amongst the first group of musicians to experiment with the post-punk ‘New Wave’ genre, which to many, shaped music forever, how do you feel about this?
Well good to be recognised for that at long last, but yes we did try and move on from the bog standard punk template a little bit and think we helped create a bridgehead between punk and new wave and even the New Romantics. Maybe a little bit before our time....

After your official split in 1979 and going off separately to achieve success in your individual careers, how does it feel to be back on stage and performing together at the London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire?
I think anybody who spends that much time going up and down the M1 in the back of a van and sharing hotel rooms must have some kind of affinity that, if they haven't throttled each other, is worth revisiting once in a while.

Many musicians say your work inspired them to create music, but which artists inspired you?
Cool. Loads - Kinks, Who, Small Faces, Bowie, Iggy, Kraftwerk, The Normal - the list goes on...

What are your thoughts on ‘The Professionals’, who you’re playing Shepherds Bush Empire with?
A fine rocking band with some tip top toe tapping tunes that should have done a lot more had their career not been curtailed by an horrific car crash in their first US tour.

Have you been to any decent gigs lately?
Not so many but have played a few!
I did dig Jonathan Richman and Tommy in San Francisco a little while back.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Working on my own Glen Matlock project with some American chums - we have the best part of an album in the can already.
When chance permits, I will also be working on a good tan.

Do you think ‘Rich Kids’ will go on to do a couple more shows, maybe even a tour?
Never say never but let's see how Shepherds Bush goes first on the 19th of May

Finally, could you tell us what tracks you’re listening to at the moment?